Templates and Tips


The libraries are packages used to make some things more easily on the language that you are working, some languages have huge standard libraries, and some language not, we encourage the use of the standard libraries, but we know that in some cases is hard to make some challenges with only that, for that reason, we improve a new way to use some specific libraries that we added.


We improve a package manager to rust name cargo, with that we can add libraries from Crates.io (opens in a new tab) today we only support the library nums that have a lot of numeric and mathematic uses, like bigInt and others to make easy the way to solve some crypto challenges.

Typescript / Javascript

We have npm package manager and right now we didn't have any support libraries in this langs, now we are using npm to linter and compile (in the case of typescript), but with that, we can add new libraries to work if we found any good reason to allow the use of any library in this langs we can add it.


We use composer how the PHP package manager, but works in the same way as TS/JS, if we found a good reason to add a new dependency we can add it.