Autonomic Jump



If you are part of the Technical Challenges Stage, this does not apply to you. This section only applies to those candidates within the Autonomic Jump Pool or Immersion Stage.

  1. You will be paid according to the hours logged into the time-tracking software. The hourly rate and the software will be given to you during the kick-off meeting.

  2. Regardless of your expectation, you will be paid only for the actual time logged and no more than 48 hours per week.

  3. The contract type is "Training and Sponsorship" with monthly payments. Please contact your recruiter if you have not been sent the contract.

  4. Under this type of contract, you are responsible for paying any withholding and your social security fee when applicable.

  5. On the first business day of the following month, we will send you via email, the template of your payment receipt (a.k.a cuenta de cobro) for you to review and complete it.

  6. No later than the third working day of the month, you must send us back your payment receipt duly filled out and signed.

  7. In addition to that document, you must send the following documents

    • Certificación Bancaria. A document issued by your bank. It contains your name, ID number, and account number. It basically certifies that the bank account is indeed yours.
    • If the monthly transfer equals or exceeds a Monthly Legal Minimum Wage(a.k.a In Colombia as SMMLV) you must attach the payment stub of your social security for the previous period (planilla de seguridad social). The payment must cover Salud and Pensión. Riesgos Profesionales is optional.
  8. If we receive the documentation explained in points 6 and 7 we will be able to pay you within the first five (5) working days of the month. Please remember that we are unable to transfer the funds without those documents first.

Social Security

If you are not familiar with paying your social security as an independent contractor in Colombia, we kindly invite you to find more information about it. There are plenty of resources online, such as Gerencie.com (opens in a new tab). There are many online operators to pay the social security, such as ARUS, Simple, Aportes En Linea, SOI, Mi Planilla, Asopagos, Simple, and so on. You can use any.