Plagiarism is copying somebody else's work and then presenting it as yours. At Autonomic Jump, we take plagiarism very seriously. As clearly stated in our Philosophy, honesty is one of our main pillars. In consequence, any form of plagiarism will be considered a violation of good faith and, therefore, a just cause to breach the contract and terminate your process with us immediately.

Plagiarism is an ethical problem, not a technical one. Our model is then based on good faith and total transparency; we require that the author of each algorithm is clearly stated in a centralized place. Each algorithm that you upload must contain your name. For more details, check the Submission section.

Furthermore, we discourage plagiarism by creating a database that collects solutions available on the internet for each challenge listed in our repository. Each challenge is contained in a folder in our repository. Within each folder, there is a file named OTHERS.lst. That file contains links to solutions available on the internet to that challenge (we refer to those as external solutions).

Every time you upload a solution to our repository, you are requested to help us enlarge the database of external solutions by adding 10 links to any challenge in our repository.

In that way, we protect our metric of unique solutions and discourage plagiarism. For more details, please refer to Uniqueness.


Honesty is one of our main pillars, and we do not negotiate it.