General Criteria

General Criteria


Maximum Review Times:

  • 1 hour Code
  • 2 hours Hacking

Important to keep in mind: The review is done between 8am and 6pm Colombia Time - Monday to Friday. Please note that the review is done in order of arrival of the challenges and depends on the number of challenges in the queue pending review.

Solutions are sent through a Merge Request (MR) to the master branch of the challenges (opens in a new tab) repository.

Once you are given access to our repository we kindly invite you to revisit this page and take a look at the Merge Requests (opens in a new tab).

Before sending an MR please verify that you meet the following criteria:

  1. You should only work on a branch whose name is exactly your username in Gitlab.

  2. Your GitLab profile must be configured to show your local time zone and location.

  3. All files related to a challenge’s solution must respect the Structure

  4. If the solutions require additional files, they must be included in the corresponding challenge directory.

  5. Each challenge solution must be submitted with 10 new external solutions to any other challenge in our repository (10 new URLs to one or many OTHERS.lst files). For more please see External Solutions and Plagiarism

  6. Each challenge solution must be submitted with a user-name.yml file

  1. You are allowed to add new (just make sure to follow the Structure):
  • Challenge sites or challenges for existing sites for programming and ctf-hacking
  • ToE's or new vulnerabilities to existing ToE's for vbd-hacking
  1. If you add new sites/ToE's or challenges/vulnerabilities, you are allowed to add solutions to their OTHERS.lst files

  2. Before commiting you must have your git configured correctly with your username and email respectively. Like the following example:

    git config --global "John Doe"
    git config --global ""

    The next step is to modify the .mailmap file in the repository root with your credentials above (remember to do it alphabetically to preserve the order):

    John Doe <> John Doe <>

    You should run the test "m . /lintGitMailMap" in Makes to make sure everything is okay, you can find out how to run local tests in this section Builds (opens in a new tab).

  3. The solution and all files associated with it must be all sent in 1 commit.

  4. The commit for each solution must be sent in only 1 MR.

  5. The MR must only be sent once your branch has successfully passed all the pipelines (a.k.a Jobs) and has finished integrating (green).

  6. If the MR is rejected it must not be reopened. The errors must be fixed and the solution sent in a new MR.

  7. The commit message to send the solution must follow one of the templates according to the type of the solution:

  8. Challenge solutions, regardless if they are programming, ctf-hacking or vbd-hacking must always meet the following style guideline.