Getting Started

Getting Started

If you have been invited to join the Autonomic Jump program, then Congratulations! Below you will find the first steps you have to complete to start solving and uploading solutions to our repository.

  1. Register on GitLab using your personal email and the username of your choice. Your username must not exceed 12 characters in length, only contain lowercase letters and numbers and don't be associated with any company or organization. .

  2. Join our forum (opens in a new tab), where you can interact with Autonomic Jump personnel and other candidates to discuss questions or issues you may have. Please make sure to give yourself a username following the adjective-noun type (i.e. toothless-smile). To open a new issue, always follow the forum template.

  3. Request access to our Git Challenges repository by filling out this form (opens in a new tab).

  4. Learning how to interact with Continuous Integration and Continuous Development CI/CD is a fundamental teaching of Autonomic Jump. CI/CD is rather hard to implement in OS different from Linux (Windows, Mac, etc.). Moreover, several of our sponsors use Linux. Hence we strongly recommend you to install on your computer, or at least work with a Linux virtual machine, and use it for the Autonomic Jump process.

    We recommend installing virtualization software (VMware, Virtualbox) and creating a virtual machine based on a Linux distribution (e.g. Ubuntu or another one of your liking).

  5. Make sure to read the rest of this documentation.