Autonomic Jump


Your participation in Autonomic Jump ends under any of the following conditions:

  1. If you accept a job offer from one of our sponsors.
  2. If there has been no activity (push to the git Challenges repository) within 14 calendar days.
  3. If you clearly state via email that you are no longer interested in continuing the process.
  4. If there is no or poor evolution of your metrics over time (mostly, but not only, Unique solutions and Average Hour Per Unique Solution)
  5. If you present someone else’s complete or partial solutions as your own (plagiarism).
  6. If you solve a challenge with the help of others.

If you are currently in the challenges stage, it is important that you to keep your recruiter informed of your progress.


When you finish your process with us, we recommend you report your novedad to your Social Security Operator to notify them that you no longer are an independent contractor with us.

In any case, the email address is: careers@autonomicmind.com

If you were removed from the challenge due to circumstances 2 or 3, you may apply again, at any time, and start the process over by clicking here (opens in a new tab). If your removal was a result of circumstance 5 or 6, you are not eligible for any future retry.