Each challenge is contained in a folder in our repository. Within each folder there are all the solutions to that challenge made by other candidates in different languages (we refer to this as internal solution), and another file named OTHERS.lst containing links to solutions to that challenge available on the internet (we refer to this as external solution). A unique solution means that you uploaded a solution to a challenge in a language that did not have any internalnor external solutions.

All solutions, if compliant with all the instructions and requirements given previously in this section, will have the status of unique solution

For a programming solution to lose its uniqueness:

  • An external solution in the same language must be added to its OTHERS.lst file.

  • If another solution exists or is added in the same language you used.

For ctf-hacking and vbd-hacking solutions to lose their uniqueness:

  • An external solution must be added to their OTHERS.lst file.

  • If another .feature file exists or is added in the same language you used

If at any time you cannot merge a new unique solution because there are no more unique challenges available you can request a change of site or language