External Solutions

External Solutions


In this section, you will find all the info regarding the concept of external solutions, the rules that apply to the OTHERS.lst file and the URL's you must provide when uploading an MR.


In order to protect your metric of unique solution and to discourage plagiarism, we have created a database that collects solutions available on the internet to each challenge listed in our repository. Each challenge contains a file named OTHERS.lst. That file contains links to solutions available on the internet to that challenge (we refer to those as external solutions).

Every time you upload a solution to our repository, you are requested to help us enlarge the database of external solutions by adding 10 new links that solve any other challenge in our repository. Each of those 10 new links can be solutions to several different challenges listed in our repository.


  1. Your new 10 links do not have to be external solutions to the same challenge that you solved.

  2. Your new 10 links do not have to be external solutions to the same website from where you are solving a challenge.

  3. Your new 10 links can each be external solutions to one different challenge.

  4. All the links within the OTHERS.lst must be direct links (HTTP 200) without redirection (HTTP 301/302).

  5. They must be programming solutions if you solved a programming challenge.

    • You must not add external solutions for a language that already has an external solution.
    • Within the OTHERS.lst of a programming solution the URLs must be ordered alphabetically by extension. Make sure to add your link properly.
    • Programming OTHERS.lst must only include sources from repositories; no websites, no video tutorials. The URL to the external solution must be provided on its raw version: (opens in a new tab).
  6. They must be hacking links if you solved a hacking challenge.

  • The links must be unique, in other words, two links can't be the same in an OTHERS.lst file.
  • If you send a vbd-hacking solution, the external solutions must be vbd-hacking solutions.
  • If you send a ctf-hacking solution, the external solutions can be ctf-hacking or vbd-hacking solutions.