Autonomic Jump
How It Works

How It Works

Autonomic Jump is a two sided-platform. On one side, candidates are constantly uploading solutions to technical challenges, and on the other side, companies are observing the performance of the candidates.

Here's how it works from each perspective.

As a Candidate

Autonomic Jump is a simulated IT environment where we pay you1. It is implemented on a repository in Gitlab, where we have indexed hundreds of online coding and hacking (opens in a new tab) challenges. Your goal as a candidate is to successfully upload solutions to those challenges that have not yet been solved into our repository. Our platform allows solutions in many programming languages. A key element of our process is that we use CI/CD as it is used in real life in the IT industry.

As a candidate, there are three different ways in which you can participate in the program, in all of them your goal is to successfully upload solutions to the repository.

Autonomic Jump Pool:

We will pay you per hour that you spend learning, solving and uploading solutions to the repository. Additionally, all the sponsors will have access to your performance metrics, so they can make you job offers. You will be invited here when:

  • You have completed the application process.
  • The results of your application process show us that you have potential.
  • You are willing (and have the time) to invest several hours a day in the process.

Technical Challenges Stage:

We give you access to the repository and invite you to solve challenges, but we do not pay you because of either of the following:

  • Your results of the application process are not the best, but you still show commitment, drive, and passion. You can think of Technical Challenges Stage as an extra opportunity we give you to show us your potential despite your results.
  • We do not have enough room for you in the Autonomic Jump Pool.

Immersion Stage:

You are invited here when you are in a recruitment process with one of the companies that sponsor our program and they want to see your performance in the field before moving into the next stage of their recruitment process. Payment in this stage depends on the potential hiring company.

As a Company

Autonomic Jump is an Inmersion in a simulated IT environment as a service. In other words, it is a pool of elite candidates, ready to be hired immediately, who are constantly and autonomously solving hacking or programming challenges in different languages, complying with good practices, interacting with a CI/CD and showing off their potential.

Autonomic Jump allows you, as a potential employer, to distinguish those candidates who can do from those who can not, those who can learn on their own, from those who can not. Autonomic Jump is a source of a constant supply of talented and fast-learning candidates.


  1. Only applicable when you are in Autonomic Jump Pool or Immersion Stage.